Manic on up inside, attempting to find any such way forward – lukewarm all along, neglecting to ever include what’s outright magical
This tragedy needs a tapestry of sorts, we really ought to open up a brand new avenue – when he took the whole thing on, resolute in his admittance, shoddy by all accords
Wear your best bespoke suit, unearth the flavoursome fruits of your homegrown labour however unsavoury in this altogether perilous and momentary instance
Glad to be alive…
Unable to see it right this minute perhaps, yet time can somehow bring what’s downright agonising and turn it on a most unsuspecting nutshell
Quell all of these rigorous inadequacies – inopportune in a word
Unbelievably nasty and bound by all kinds of bitterness
When you suddenly took that soliloquy step forward, managed to draw the perfect straw – rapturous reoccurrence
Thaw the pain and gain a particularly deserved place right at the table of all that’s utterly respectful, the unmatched intersection which tells the real story of hope and final glory

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