Everything undoubtedly managing to unwind and unravel of its fair haphazard own, excruciatingly stopping before it ever really got itself altogether started
“My mind is in tatters and, sometimes, I just want to get to breathe but these days don’t do it for me anymore”
Your wits have seemingly split themselves right out of reach
When something inside of the real you, the rather immaculate you indeed, becomes intricately, jaw-droppingly so jarred
“There are days when the sun does  come out, rarely but all of the more pretty and intricate for it”
All along you’ve been looking for that gloriously courageous comeuppance as such whilst smiling in and around all of this typically drenched pain, impossible to extinguish
Trust us, it’s been on dry-ice for an immeasurable amount of agonised time – unwittingly pile-driven
“I’ve been thinking and that’s a miracle all of its own…
So, thank you for listening”
Those who can take the undeniably correct route will finally unearth the all too deserved truth, there’s a flicker trying to find that reliable crack to finally set these silent sparks mesmerisingly flying
One way or a surefire other
Carefully, oh so delicately getting to tapestry themselves together ’til delving like never before
Go on, choose to live in some kind of colour, multi-coloured sure might be nice right about now, and smother these tempestuous flames
Be incredibly prepared to let the oh so good times rain down upon it all like never before
Soar like a glad-eyed eagle ’til everyone sees you just like you assure us you have always dreamed

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