A settled interior design and she knows how to simply be – this carefree aside outright independently able individual, wherein her sunny disposition breathes fair easily
She’s been meaning to making it all amount to something altogether unforgettable, for her more than anyone else, really
Truly, imperfectly, this soulful soul who carries with her a rather hearty demeanour wherein anything quite magical can be taken from the easiest garnered things

To concentrate and breathe, mark her honest-to-goodness words at that logical suggestion, shall be all that she ever wished for, of a live-long day on this heavenly perched thing called circularly fantastical earth

The words mean next to nothing, matter-of-fact actuality – just her manner of speaking to make … to stake … her wonderful claim … upon all of these things which visually mean everything

Only ever a none-too-challenging stepping-stone – punctuation torn to utter and purposely, purposefully, defunct shreds
Til courteously, all too convincingly, embedded within waiting-with-eyes-wide-open We
Are His living breathing readership, about to be scintillated and thrilled to the tremendous core of our restored readership beings
Only, it seems, he’s finally bored himself to dastardly death, via/by this, his mother-effing bled-dry pen

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