Your ability to shake it all off and go again leaves me utterly floored, outrageously so
As though a larger-than-life part of you just tends to know
When it may well have been a little or a whole lot easier to bow your impossibly frazzled mind atop these altogether metaphorically enticing grounds, to cradle and constantly attempt to de-stress this quiver-lipped, altogether crippled frown
Resoundingly patriotic to your very own person, a crazed kind of thirst for all that does seem to work
Thirsty when, really, you should be bone-dry to the endless and agonised core, rather unable to make the necessary move in the first instance
Flabbergasted atop lambasted time again by everything aside seemingly nothing – sweat-ridden courtesy of all these copiously failed decisions time again
Please permit me some of your natural curiosity to be the best that we can be

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