You took your time, didn’t you just?
Wandering fair distasteful and haphazard about this rather inadequate place of ours – poisonous in an honest-to-goodness word
I admit this now
So you know, t’was oft I leant on over mid-evening, tried to carefully inhale whilst stealing a silent peek, ’til finally getting to trace the altogether agonised outline of your downright pain – Intricate procedure right in and around this deceitfully pulsating inability in a manner of speaking
When will you ever so much as let all of it go, for I have managed to come at you time again, proposed a thousand-and-one such supposed and beautiful ways from out of here
Neglecting to ever mention a past best left forgotten
Your tremble-set fears are plain preposterous and will no doubt need to be entirely extinguished
Drying you the entire way out in a most respectable manner possible
How’s about you try and smile one more time
Hopeful, if you might like – that age-old replication courtesy of your halcyon days
And I can promise you this above all else, that you shall indeed manage to amount to something special – one way or a magically instigated other
Unknowingly smothered for far too long a time by these downright inadequacies which tragically only ever get be ours
Unfortunate for some
Perhaps it is high time to take ourselves an unsuspecting rung above

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