So I’ve decided to go for the charity OCD IRELAND when it comes to my trip around the country in aiding my poetry promotion. It’s not going to be easy, but then when was something as good an idea as this ever. A good few people are already taking an interest, so as a result I am going to take them up on their offers to help me out. Suzanne Wawra – a Dublin-based artist from Germany – seems to know what to do when it comes to gaining promotion for said event. She also included her mental health issues when it came to her promotion of her art and on thinking about it some more this is probably a good thing to do because it does have a large par to play in my outlook, etc. Even if to a disastrous extent at times. It’s always going to be part of me, so I just need to accept it, get on with things and keep it down to a dull background noise as much as I can. Seeing as I was in hospital for treatment of my OCD for four months back in 2011, it would be nice to try and give something back to that profession and others that try to help people with mental health issues because I know just how horrific a feeling it can be when you are well and truly lost and trying as you might to get yourself out of it. So anyway, OCD IRELAND appeals to me because these people go about doing that, helping people in their lifelong fight against this particular mental illness, an illness still barely understood – Christ, I still find it hard to understand! I know there are many other amazing charities out there but I think this needs to be the one for me. Also I have been thinking about a name for the event and a working title came to mind, which means that it can be changed at any time up until the day of commencement: ‘Pen & notepad in one pocket, OCD in the other’. As I say,  it’s only a working title and it will most probably change as I get closer to the day of reckoning. Excited about it all is one word I would use for sure.