You’ve done everything and then some. You’ve been through something so very unique and utterly atrocious in a mental instance. It’s despicable and outrageous and a most perverted sort of mental illness is OCD. It’s.. what nightmares are made of multiplied times a thousand. It’s.. unruly and mentally agonising(tiring is the understatement of the century here!!) to be stuck on any particular loop-of-thought and for all of your adult life. It’s been hellish and it’s definitely been heartbreaking. It’s your own personal battle. Of course it is. Everyone else will always be just confused. As you are left by it in the first place improper. Everything else has to fall away. You keep going, you keep doing everything that your doctor says. You take the prescribed prescription. You follow that mainstay focus of getting better. You may well always have the ocd but that most certainly does NOT mean that you have to be caught inside of its grasp to an irreparable mental extent. There is no demon inside of your brain, that’s just sufferers of the illness romanticising it in a sense and giving it grounds to work off of – just an ungodly imbalance that has hot-wired your thought-process. You know what to do. Your doctor says you know precisely what to do. What you have done, however, to get to right here, right now truly is… a remarkable feat of mental and physical resilience. The words, though. There’s your ULTIMATE mother effing silver lining, a conveyor belt of literary enthusiasm that you HAD to create amidst everything