He took the load right off
Listened quite intently, interested in only ever doing the right thing
But no-one ever anticipated so much as a murmur out of him
Then, it all turned a magical corner
The whole world besieging him entirely
Reigniting that fire inside of his gut-wrenching belly
You were travelling too far altogether not to finally feel the heat, just BREATHE, dear boy
Sit back, fold your cocktail feet and take all of us in!
We have indeed been waiting
For an eternity, it seems
Call it fate, whichever…
Never have we ever heard anything like you before
Plied by your fearless guitar and your bejewelled mic. to one side
Fact of the matter is this, real music chooses you, you never, EVER get to choose it
Now, however, it does seem to me as though you HAVE chosen this!