One day has a way
And her descriptive mind has been screaming and scramming – scamming – at the bare naked bones of her destructive being again – and it appears to have been a swansong of regrettable kinds

Mind over matter, so they shall continuously say – make mighty hay, oh wanderlust wordsmith of ours
Drill, drip, these contagious words of yours like a warlord in dastard disguise – all tired eyes righteously, rigorously, arisen to feel

A re-pressed, never depressed hand for essay-claiming upheaval

Something other than hopscotched bouts of extracurricular nothingness – a playful non-entitlement, until, that is …

An interwoven merriment manoeuvre of undeniable brand bland new fixation gathers itself til beginning at worshipping what is decidedly existential at being decidedly magnificent

And, inevitably, she will strap her oblong body to the might of her mammoth makers again, stealing the better pieces of her borrowed and bolstered being and placing them back together

F-o-r-e-v-e-r, perhaps?

Safe to say that this particular pen has acted like some kind of a defibrillator to the heart of cards

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