A president persists and resides – whilst one whole country settles to seed

‘Little Man’ D. seems to be seemingly seamless at being recklessly r-e-a-l

Witnessing these winding winds, a truculent travesty midst overbearing territory – an oblong country tending to their very own, about to be bothered and broken

These glass shard windows, tightened at the shattered bone – and this will inevitably bring us to our leprechaun knees, please, refrain from thee outside and remain resolutely within

The Irish excitement is bullish at being resilient when needs be a-calling them all home for one first time
A ninety-mile-an-hour crack to their magnificent membrane – a comedic characteristic persists throughout the bleeding floodplain

We do tend to get to treasuring these atmospheric anomalies, visibly viable and our trees for industry are being unequivocally uprooted – a plethora of farm-hands fetching their favourite and financially accustomed cattle, still standing remarkably upright amidst a constant and cathartic calm before the anointed storm which will begin at resisting all of this whirlwind noise – this creative malfunctioning, an earmarked red alert warning, the comforting re-awareness which breathes snidely in all of us

School has shut itself off for one whole day that is in it and wishes for a far better instance yet again, these tiny little slices of smaller areas once-upon-a-long-time-ago dotted along the accosted coastline are taken heavily, heavenly, aback and caressed by these cyclonic monologues

This is the much larger scope for natural portrayal – and if this was in fact the truth, it would perhaps place itself detrimentally inside of a make-believe movie

Ladies and mental-men, welcome to the imperfect storm … now, prepare yourselves all over again like tasteless crazy to warm your cockles and rigorously ride …

The. motherfucking. storm.
Far, far warmer inside – the eye of the beholder.

Seems Ophelia’s beginning to whisper like crazy within all of We, nothing but a bare-naked breeze bolstered in the pit of her erstwhile being … so they will shudder and simply swear it and say

Tayto crisps and truckloads of Guinness at the resolute ready, please …

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