You were always there, weren’t you just?
Half-heartedly allowing for the rather consummate push whilst all along carrying with you this understandably precarious shove upon seemingly saddened and lukewarm shoulders – your behemoth boulder has undoubtedly been built and that is quite alright too
Thirsty-ridden to an extent, perhaps?
I shall oft long to ask…
We do get this above all else, all of us just must
One serene way or a surefire other
I shudder to think yet, nonetheless, you can be rest-assured that I absolutely will
Remember, these particularly still albeit relatively fickle waters run oh so excruciatingly, rather intricately deep
And so you have to know, I would wholeheartedly consume the entirety of these monstrously devoted, entirely cascading of their pretty little own accord high-octane oceans to finally get to meet you right at the incredibly manic aside sizeably instrumental, notably trustworthy middle again – serenely set in time, when the elementary chime lets itself become mesmerisingly caressed in and around Manhattan’s finest homegrown wine, the driest ice known to any folded-over man or woman, these beautifully liquified sky scraping moments caught and met, besieged even
A remarkable and none-too-subtle admission on my high art part altogether to want to irreversibly impress you, irrevocably so – I’ve been ridiculously, desperately chewing at the boisterous fat, attempting to go toe-to-toe, and I can tell you this above all else, it sure is turning out to be a little or a whole lot otherworldly
It really is absurd just how very much we truly might want this, and that the lengthened process, not to mention wholly bespoke tapestry will need to be all-encompassing, almost quite derogative to a fair and appealing extent aside, of course, utmost otherworldly as I say
Seems we were born to breathe one way or a surefire other
Open on up, permit yourself to be blind shark-eyed aware of the possibilities for inevitable plunder, however none too enveloped by it all that much either
Nice to meet you again…

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