The 8th “wOnDeR… … …” of the earth indeed – we’ve been watching them warble on regardless of

“This whole WiseEyed and -wide world.” These Particular People PURELY prepared to take the next September of Step. They’ve been..

Aching within and definitely scribing their turning of time: been acting aware of the whole damnThing, actually, “and we DO see precisely what(?) they feel — as bloody best that we SHAN’T(!!)” EVER(!) even begin to imagine. IMAGINE IT, though= just . how . Utterly aGonIseD it all became..
When their minds AND-disassembled brains did wane, and to the B-A-R-K-I-N-G/M-A-D(!!) point of

Acting, again/ utterly against the SELFLESS-grain. “They do and will groan(…) in typically antagonised manner, Perhaps. And…”

that shall have to remain:: “all damnA-OKay actually.. in=DEED(..)” We do breathe with aforesaid minds and electrified-brains

Radically attempting to FEEL::: “rElAtiVeLyTheSame.. as nobody else.” If they cannot handle it, then they need not even be

Here – “when they were given everything and, YET, they felt nothing.” That is called failing to meet them(selves, even)

— at the middle .