Our wicked ways never mean to appear to be,
so very fruitfully deceptive at that

All of these screaming fleets of black-screened limousines with their wing mirrors unthinkably cut off at the whistle-stop seams…

We’ve been thinking, far further within whilst dressed to relentlessly impress – in our cutthroat diamante-design Everything

Metal-based exterior fear not for we are always and forever wholesomely ready, evenly aware

And then these pretty little L.A.-based ladies whisper midst our still stinging, tantalised ears – why must our sort of love need be the only known way to make us place hands at hearts
And for we to start singing all over again

She borrows my rhyme, whilst I stress to imperfectly puppeteer to perfect her eagle-eyed reasoning
She’s cannibalistic by nature and we ain’t nobody’s issue but the other

Say when, the cigarette times itself right the entire way out – scintillated ’til stinging right by her softly spoken sophomore mouth – and the next great breath becomes the only known thing in our minute-by-minute instances
To make any kinds of existential sense again

Oh how I do love the glibness of her bounce-about tongue

This appears to be
The saber-tooth divide and we will not upset ourselves to hide – this bend ‘n’ break bothersome life need no longer apply

Firing on every single cylinder, we are unforgettably symmetrical

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