You smoke a bespoke cigarette with the largest grimace known to any man
You’re just about as trickily alarming as you are outrageously charming – you do paralyse me with fear
Don’t need to try to appear to be trying at all
We can only so much as begin to imagine the tremendous women who you have caused to cry – inside of the lavish seventies, stretching flagrantly on into your romantically inclined eighties – underwear-strewn memories to quench a million-and-one such lust-filled bellies the wide world over
We do live vicariously to say the very least, you’re our ultimate feast beating oh so erotically within, rather contagiously
Equally sedated by both time and precious liquor
When a decidedly handsome man with glad-rags on took us all by altogether sumptuous storm, softened these subtle tears which finally get to constantly dance about our wicker-work eyes
Seems a million more people are prepared to cry for you right before your unabashed time attempts to unwind itself

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