Her brain’s been caught coughing up rainbows again… as she sits inside of the entertainment realm
Yet still able to take a sentence which skips from the mentoring lines of her sentenced lips and to sincerely cause the ten-wayed/topsy-turvy conversation to turn-twist its highfalutin shape
Shift and shakes, till instrumentally whispering a thousand influential ways till Sunday… till tastefully suiting everyone’s else’s suitable situation but for…
Her wide-awake skipping weeks which have been working like wrought-iron crazy to make the words wondrously work… just enough… and she daren’t ever even dare to cross herself and banjax her twisted fingers and betray
Her deal with the Deathly Devil and mention
The enthralling nature of circumspect creation, that masterfully hidden beauty of her untainted invention
Gathers rigorous pace again and her restless breaths ceaselessly capture themselves
From deep, deep beneath –
With the silver-surfing surface of a hostile ocean of cascading dreams, whilst all of the aforementioned chaos gets put to the sword of liquid soldiers – which will still insist midst unnerving levels of inebriated dislocation
Upon utter mediocrity, even if fair visibly meaningful
That, these days, easy simply can not be an expectation to be expectantly optioned in. About to talk the talk, walks the plank
She waves distant thanks to her aforementioned deathly enthused Demons at her door
For these unceremoniously superstitious feelings which gather to gain
For themselves shyly within
And forever contain, comfortably cause, the shape of her imaginative wings to expand, implore, to favourably soar.