We’re gonna get messy
Enjoy ourselves too much
Use the drink for a crutch
Out on the town for the day

Five of us in all
Good to go
About to have a ball
And if we get in trouble
Richard can pick us up
What with he being so tall
Time to let it flow
The past week’s work fall
By the wayside

I think Mick will drink the most
Knowing Donnacha
He’ll want to make a toast
Or three
Then there’s Phil
Prone to taking the odd hallucinogenic pill
Say no more
Rory’s the one we’ll find fast asleep
By the door
Mid slumbersome snore

It’ll be some kinda fun alright
Looking forward to this
Oh so long
Shoulders up, face forward
I need to stay stronger than strong

If it all goes to pot
No pun intended Phil
It won’t matter much
‘Cos I’ll still have taken everything on
Worse comes to worse
I land myself up on stage
Warble out one of my favourite songs
I’m no Tom Jones
But I absolutely advocate the throwing of ladies thongs

So back to where we are right now
Waiting for the bus
Ready to go
When Rory turns to say
F**k, I totally forgot about the wedding…
Pam and Joe?
For crying out loud
Speak about putting a spanner in the works
Much worse than that
Isn’t Pam the one with the noticeable quirk
I can’t help myself
These things just happen
When it’s funny it works

So that’s where we have to go
Off with us to Birmingham
Wedding to one side
Between the five of us
We’ll sort something out
Party hard
One thing I do know
We’ll be left with five ferocious hangovers and nothing other than disdain