Submerged by the besmirched nature of stay-awhile people – altogether rather distantly taken away from themselves and ARCHED envioUsly back toward: acting AWFULLY clandestine and perfectly pedantic on BLOODY purpose

To pose.. a rhyming kind of theatre of ThReAt

To some kind of MILDLY excited society! Chance might be a fine and dandy f*g thing. Indeed? Where HAVE we EVER even been.

With these pursuits of happYness(spelt wrongfully on purpose, don’tcha MERELY know it YET!) they appear eagle-eyed AND WIDE/eared – – people? Maybe.

And d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g their dragon-breathes to the top AND NOT THE FUCKING BOTTOM again… of the sun kissed AtMoSpHeRe, way UP where, though?!!! and HERE

We ALL happily appear- with our suddenly SO very vIvAcIoUsLy suggestive mindsets ill-fucking interested

In anything else but for—- commonplace usurpations and, FRANK & HONESTLY… these rather altogether unapologetically/apoplectically riotous and WrEcKiNgBaLl levels of righteousness gone so very

Delightfully.. both dAfTlY awry. This time

It IS all about to kick-off and drag those aforeMENTIONED bounce-about dragon breathes in from

The festering b-r-i-n-k Of intellectual and InEfFeCtUaL s*icide.

Yes. Her eyes are mighty (monuments of descriptive OVER-investment) and WIDE/AlIvE AND meant to feel..

most of the things ALL OF THE TIME/ however.. the so VERY SOOTHINGLY softly s-i-l-e-n-c-e can, and WILL, remain deliciously DEAFENING.. (to all sorts of kinds of creatively persistent AND PERIPHERALLY speaking pEoPlE)

So far as she appears to be: GLADLY concerned
For herSELF
As, awhile, said persnickety PeOpLe do insistently listen… intently til (in)VOLUNTARILY earning her BRAWNANDMUSCLE worth

But, trust US… … it was NEVER supPOsEDto HuRt so much