Blocked shadows and creative creatures with parcel-wrapped paws placed neatly atop of these blood-riddled prizes – namely nasty little beagle-faced nemeses, whilst sophisticated breaks of unshifting sunlight suddenly manage to capture and make a doctored dart, a hidden re-emergence yet again … and this day will forever remain both mesmerised and matched for forbidden colloquiums by the mere, eager sprint of a ‘hireling’s’ boot buckle…

As a plentitude of crisp and ricochetting early-morning noises of a soon-to-be illustrated, a black-and-white stretched sketch of a particular farmhand makes sense, he who brings with him no time restraint anymore but, rather, this early a.m. yearning to pander and earn

Something out of sweetly, ear-achingly nothing – so spontaneously suggestible and soon as when

An alarmingly loud silence acts bombastically out of chosen term

That’ll have to have been the nurturing both Neanderthal break of a most accepting yet violated dawn – brought beneficially back together again by way of aforementioned farmhand’s ten-thousandth caffeinated yawn … …

“Modern-day miracles, what-have-ye!”

As a fast-thumb and forbidden four-finger-swill of welterweight whiskey lingers … by the daftly begotten glass … gets to soothingly setting one man’s joyous anger apart … …

Hope has it that he’s been undeniably yearning both earning it all

For the cracked mad and deliberately unintended clan, which fights for worship and sudden survival.

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