A rabbit with raptor-like velocity. Fierce hugs, please!! These seriously dilapidating fingernails seem to have unequivocally taught themselves to turn fair twisted these past few layered .. ‘days’, maybe? Tight, taut and officially turned themselves towards awfully elderly, which he appears to have wisely been chosen at tempestuously being.
And a pen/for/penultimate/ performance can (in deed and fetches for itself amidst the faraway fact) uniquely overlook the scheming, screaming skin-laden landscape that had to have well settled itself till taken its strolling toll and scatter-crashed outlandishly before …

These roundup, wound-about eyes : ventriloquised white/white lies : OH!! And all of it is mine!?

Of miraculously secretive mine/mind that can miraculously manage to mount and matter by way of ex-communicative upheaval, pl-EASE