Theirs is the broken-down and battered, BATTLEHARDENED masterpiece that NEEDS TO BE: comfortably underSTOOD NOW; for its wonderfully dishevelled state

Of absolutely irretrievable brilliance/ as one agitated artist will – TIME-again – attempt to tenaciously

Bring it back to a plACE: of aforementioned COMFORT AND po-FACED PROcrastination(!) Immense and sensational, is their avidly eAgER eyeLINE. Right NOW, we will state it YET AGAIN..

That they w-i-l-l NEED TO come to a place of commonplACE underSTANDING

As to EXACTly what this particular artist HAS BEEN TRYING TO (miraculously) ACHIEVE – both aforementioned aVIdLy AND EAGER-faced.. as she’s EVER been brought to believe (in herself)

Oh, but they do in-DEED adore her simplistic sense of singular bliss