‘A Thunderclap Called Love’

Broken Moments of Visible Worship, Silenced Instances of Concentrated delirium… of full-focussed people who cared to dare ..

About anything…

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‘Melodies of Mind’

The hidden intricacy of added-on emotion; those unearthed moments of guaranteeing humility. A god-fearing iridescence which can, and will, absolutely distinguish blithely between: each of…

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“Definitely Nice”

It’s about nothing and everything; I guess that’s the safest thing you could say. About creating art and at any level. Not what anyone but yourself thinks,…

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“Something Beautifully Brand New”

It need not have been her heart, or her anything for that particular matter. Really needn’t have been the copious amounts of wide/awake hours pained into precise…

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“My Bad”

Maybe they just want simple prose, simple and straight forward stories that keep their normalcy ticking over. Yeah, probably that is it. And that’s entirely frustrating and…

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‘Narratives Smashed’

According to scripture she may as well have ordered herself a literary concoction of angst and irregular agony – namely the sort which can upset…

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“Time Out, Please”

When bored people retire themselves to places of tremendous alienation and utmost enviable solitude

When ditched relationships remain estranged yet,…

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“Shy Girl: Welcome to Our World”

And a whole wide universe of Beauty and nurtured angst of agony shall proceed at fair precious pace whilst simultaneously welcoming itself back in yet again- Yes,…

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‘Magnified Magnificence’

The blurred association between whip-smart and rather real- a tremendous tessellation of extra-curricular events

When determined people come comfortably back…

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