‘The Killing’

The latest from his twisted brain – a bleak, nondescript vision, and we suddenly regret this decision to witness the nihilistic behaviour

A chill, a tome…

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‘Lilliput Pyjamas’

Sleeping with a hanger inside of my brain – and she is sleeping with the rest of these bed-notched somebody’s – heavenly attired yet wide awake at…

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‘In Time’

A seller’s cigarette and a chaotic place takes precedent – the barrow man and the little red riding hood of our time

Together exceptional, alone -…

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‘Solo Thinking’

Taut thoughtfulness – optimistic foresight and cracking insight. And the underbelly glares.

An assigned famous someone exceptionally special carries with them a constant curve of the…

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‘Plagiarised Happiness’

A code word – a whole array of constant creation makes roundabout, sellout sense of itself

Prolonging the plagiarised happiness and a disobedient artist sits -…

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‘The Tumult Thesaurus’

Just imagine if he could access – one hundred percent of what is recklessly real …

These difficulties are fierce at being decidedly formidable – enviously…

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‘The Reckless Obsess’

The curved curvature of a baptised breast – and we’ve all of us been a little big bit over-reinvested, don’tcha simply think it?

She lies here…

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‘The Shandon Belle of the Ball’

Timber torsos
Timeless beauties – cracked addicts with
Uncontrollable manoeuvrings, a pretty little reconfigured thing peels her eyes wide opened again

From here, then, from everybody
Her body…

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Confidence reminder

It’s needs to happen. I don’t know how yet but, above anything else, I reckon the foundation is set well enough by now. It’s a hard call, a hard…

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‘The Gold-Fingered Undertakers’

The stream of Mexican sub-conscience is rather relentless as it were – restless at being
Perfectly well-stressed

Let’s get ready to get lost in a world full…

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