“Dolla-bill, Ya’ll”

Confused and constant, this girl no less gathers her precious gaining and swiftly proceeds with her manic mind about to creatively unleash.. stealth both battle-back…

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Tremendous was our sudden, sullen and worn concentration, these people were not so very willing no more to conscientiously listen to what it was we…

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Badly congested forums, these inordinate colours that simply cannot contend nor conscientiously comply on a colossus scale anymore

With the…

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“Angels On Horseback”

To pitifully proceed with his mind put upon honorary flame – namely these wraparound, hectic-faced feelings which can miraculously manage at causing incredulous levels of…

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“Elemental, Please”

“A torso fights for sudden survival because it should abruptly interrupt both SOOTHINGLY intrude… upon its own very lonely soul suggests just such a wondrous thing, pl-ease.” 
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‘A Smart Mind Manoeuvres’

Excitably so – We know, of this colour-coordinated flow which ceaselessly precedes, the strength of his adulthood literary fixation
Against, again – the length of a…

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“OCD Did This”

Course it’s crazy. I don’t have a single clue where the words or the rhythm or whatever it is comes from. So, yeah, it’s gonna be shit…

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‘Strolling, Strolling… Rolling’

An informally formal, highly informative demonstration in preciously framed-both-famed magnificence presses itself gainfully againstThe might of the dilapidating grainFor these fighting-fit people who really do…

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“Beautifully Penetrate, Please”

‘The deliciousness of being deceptively different / and a malcontent man walks near the cutting surface of his terrifically hay-wired intelligence / About to bend…

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Those words are wrong, the dial is dead, and she is insurmountably fed-up with this whole darn wrought-iron, wrangling world of cutthroat indiscretion met with…

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‘Basically, Beautiful’

“Bordering by some kind of an instantaneous albeit deceptively shrinking brilliance, ‘tis the mere, eager wanderlust weight of his past-participle, multisyllabic eye-sight which suddenly sees,…

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