‘Brontide’s Best Songs’

He brought his serious people with him to where it might make some kinds of heavenly sense again and they will stand right here with their miserable…

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‘These White Lies’

This is the fast-paced strategy-game

Perchance might he take her last dance again, down upon her unaware knees … seems she’s been believing again


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Stop, just … please … stop your interluding intrusion to my paused thought of a strifetime

You have done enough for now and it – All…

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‘She Stays The Distance’

They broke around about a million and one magnificently malfunctioned old-school moulds to cause her to simply smoulder

And to appear to somewhat sensationally soar -…

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‘A Poet Knows Nothing, Really’

His hidden utensils have been crying out for his undivided attention, whisper at them once and they shall come back into amalgamated play – for their whole…

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To be adrift can bear-grip and manhandle a man and cause his every natural being to bounce – bounce and bounce some more til but an uncomfortably…

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‘Attracted To Greatness’

Shock-absorbed by it all – unfruitful and utterly unaware

The blasphemed hidden entity, yet he sees no less reinvigorated

Soon as just one such juvenile…

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‘Screaming For Pristine’

Something sidled and strung up til resolutely swimming snarled vicious within and he feels it – all of it and like a piercing addiction process harpooned through…

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‘A Dabbed Heart’

Her finest piece of art – to start
All of this again, she sits to see

A man of middle-years with time intertwined, inter-twinned
Glory and ageism intermingled…

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‘The Lemonade Parade’

Hellbent upon
Utter reconstruction
And she shall matter of factual fact unearth the immaculate way forth forward forever prioritised by this crazily kaleidoscopic looking-glass entity which carries itself enthusiastically…

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The bound-down, beautifully estranged young lady knows one way to make some sort of sensational sense

Of something slathered by all kinds of bespoke and precious…

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“Borrow Me, Please”

Just for a precious and singular moment, perhaps perchance
I’ve been waiting with my mind for my very best friend – all-invested
Quite rightly paralysed by the creative inkling…

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‘A Cure For Wellness’

Embraced, by this misshapen brilliance – and he sits with his mind for his hidden utensil
Out-for-lunch and he carries with him a chip on his emboldened shoulder

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