‘Something Borrowed’

She begs to be read … when, really, she is bathed in nothing but bare-knuckle blue

Meant to make magnificental…

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‘Excited About The City’

Substantial and softly submerged, she brings the bruised and Battersea body neatly back therein… dragging it by the bend of the break of the swollen…

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‘Smokescreens At Dawn’

Watching you blow smoke-rings naked is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen – puts a spin upon unhealthy ‘cos I could breathe all of…

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“Idealised Rendition, Please”

Standing tall, uttermost magnificently malnourished actors’ = these pernickety, oft-than-not complete and mind-altering people who tend beneficially toward sharing to care… the crumbling and latterly…

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These fighter’s fight fists via one trusted uppercut per (insolvent) time – while/st we (get to) witness one split-second of fluster and flurry sprint through/out…

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‘Perfect Pandemonium’

They asked for attitude, trembling arenas and blood-spattered peoples, who mean no real harm yet shall bodily dis-arm the enemy’s whole entire life. When a…

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‘Enhanced Happenings’

Intimacy tells its own dove-tailed story of inter-developmental intrigue- these pleasing both pleasure-filled moments wherein: Her analytical eye-soar shall beg to softly begin…

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‘Buried At The Bridge Of Brilliance’

Ephemeral adultery places itself in a troubled, bareknuckled place- this nakedly inexpressive both impressively malnourished model who will and can and absolutely shudder and shall

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