‘Murderers & Minimalists’

These party-hard, pill-popping, -chosen people
Swarmed in ungainly demise, until, this is…
The lucrative aside multi-killing summarise

Swarovski crystal…

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‘Thirsty Precursors’

Steady and resting ready – the precursor where it all makes drunken sense

Sensual aside absolutely permitted
This is the fever to set fire to all other…

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‘Born Brilliant’

Nestled under between the sickeningly suggestive under beneath – and a mountain of hungry blue-bottled flies swarm continually…

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‘Next Level’

An anomaly – by all chosen accords of headstrong accountability
Strenuous yet simply serene with her mind innumerably cast…

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‘Pretty Perrie’

Pretty and bodacious all in one – truthfully a sinking ship version of her righteous self


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“Time, People”

Don’t you simply think that we could be perfect people again – with our handsome looks remarkably dishevelled,…

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“Erica, Sweetheart”

All she wishes to do is to curl a contagious foot beneath the other and to dwindle like crazy
To deliciously dwindle precariously between here and somewhere, someplace…

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‘Caffeinated Days’

Our lucrative minds find time to envelope it all, and these sitting pretty people seem to know no better way up to orchestrate their mediocrity days -…

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‘Pure Heroine’

No small amount of confusion but we are utterly enthused by all of her creative misgivings – the…

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‘Confident Creatures’

Gets her body aside his mind right – prepared to fight the good fight
Fetches its way down from these oblong walls of utterly misunderstood construction
Constricting to say…

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‘Daughter By Design’

My favourite father’s been caught crying, and we seem to need to feel a final piece

He sits right by the river of inescapable dreams -…

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‘Complex Super-Christ’

The tiger tears her haplessly asunder by the edges of her tethered reasoning
He’s been winging it and waiting with venomous delivery for a very best friend
Enraptured to…

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