‘Aubrey Heights’

So much emotion it will grate upon her self, upset impregnated screaming foetal stomach and her days have numbered themselves

A wound-up, round-the-clock lady only nowhere…

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‘Fin de Siècle’

Born brazen-fazed and none-too-beneficially within this left-century penitentiary – all dance and no real gain,…

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“Another Head Hangs Lowly, Dying Slowly”

The girl who ‘lies’ right by the kissed lip of the Shannon Estuary
Same old immeasurable constellations – tattoo embalmed dispassion-ed ex-pixie-dust face
Her and swatting affably against the…

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‘Erase & Escape’

Comforting chaos is exactly what she knew; this unbelievable insight followed insistently, incessantly by lugubrious foretold procedure

That girl forever swans about with her malfunctioning mind…

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‘Dinner for the Desirable’

A gargantuan gratitude takes heavenly place and the great snake fills it malnourished mouth midst this conversational, controversially repulsive masterpiece – Severus Snake et al have come…

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‘Tinder Thumb’

She’s got herself some *’Tinder thumb’ – irreversible by natural inclination

Weak at the knees to please someone

Hippy, slippy Rosemary curls – the…

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