‘New York Maze Matters’

Stellar cocktails permitted by unofficial people – namely these make-believe, living seething Artistes only minus the capital gaining

What shall it perhaps take for aforementioned individuals…

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‘Spleen Scream’

Does though – quietly, rightly… undeniably – this barebones and nakedly inexpressive Every man’s livid, seething, oft-than-not breathing dreams – set to soliloquy scintillate to proceed vehemently…

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‘Fragmented Magnificence’

Untimely gatherings of early arisings: mislaid hysteria battles amidst that of an unfathomably drunk both alarmingly sober piano-player, who earns the thrust both trust of an instrumentally…

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‘Approach with caution’

Soon as a genius loses his will – wickedly apt and audacious wherewithal

A ferocity-laden fall to taste the corner curb of agonised and teeth-shattering atrophy…

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“She asked him what it felt to feel phenomenal. And he told her… nothing.”

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‘Thirsty Scholar’

“Swear there was sweat. Sweet drip-on sweat. Sort that tests and festers like mother tricklin’ Reeeesiduuuue!! Only this thing looked good… Real truckin’ Pumppppin’ guuuud. Kinda gud…

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‘To Condense The Impossible’

TantALISED AND TANTAMOUNT TO THE PROCESS at hand – she is a living, lethargic mess albeit utterly mostly equipped

To drip sweet gilded golden honey combed…

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‘Handle It & You Win’

When the canvas asked for her hand back – and a thousand-and-one artistic inclinations pace back and forth forever…

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Soon as his (sweat-laden) body bargains against absolutely everything again – and then somemore of the very same extracurricular thing…

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