Pardon my negligence for stripping away
At your pretty little negligee

Abrupt and tantalised, disguised by this soliloquy brilliance comfortably permitted – you’re dripping to drop – full-stop. Dropping to drip fully-equipped

Within these meandered, screaming, thrill-seeking dreams of coquettish mine, seems to be we see something plain otherworldly enthused – sweetly divided by the kindest of white-lies prioritised til whispering visually within

They weren’t kidding with me when they said that you could kill me
With these far-fetched feelings midst inescapably unrequited imprisonment
Bar none multitasked intensified

Pretty little snap-happy lady, place your playfully-at-large adequacies immediately near my narrowed eyes which dastardly dance with promiscuity til blissfully mischievous
And summarise

Lid-tilt-and-spill yourself a neat well-wisher’s whisky up inside of my tongue-tied, tonsil-hockey-ed mind, soon as this shrill individuality, nasty-handed, shape-shifting, common-placed candlelit delinquency parlays to righteously release/realise itself at knee-trembling will

Twists my sinister lip back into sordid play… kisses this misfit debutante immediately by the strike of game, set and match
By the shudder-thudder/thunder-clap/shake-‘n’-bake/quake of earth-set-sail

Kaleidoscopic vixen-arisen nature ventures like inflamed wildfire
Insipid squeeze and we bounce-to-breathe bare-naked naive

Strenuously uneasy – lace and clover, hand-me-over

Her hair lies loose as a goosey-goosey-gander-where-shall-I-wander
Upstairs-and-downstairs-and-in-my-lady’s-chamber, manically pre-rearranged right by my upper-thigh, never been so keenly paralysed in all of my brand ‘spanking’ new life

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