Her need to be extra spectacular ruled the roost above all else and she saw a way out from inner beneath it all

Soon as she tied her fine self right by the supportive underbelly and let detrimental bygones glide from her desired-for-life – all of it beautifully permitting another manner of speaking

She was willing to dive right in, and we see it now, why she means to be this way – for her gargantuan feelings about everything gilded in wonderfully coaxed gold ’til anything shall be absolutely wonderful for its hurting worth…
Is just ridiculously fabricated from tantalised passion

And she shall amount when amounting was all that was left in this high-strung world of ours

Not a word, for she built it by herself, while the rest of these ego-driven ‘heroes’ hang themselves perilously dry – crying eyes create rivers of meandered demise, where deceitful people fall away from reasoning in a blink and you’ll miss it instance

Sink soon as they think they are swimming

Her ability to realise how to release from peripheral sight meant the very most, a champagne magnum toast to the girl who understood too many things to ever get to count

Their opinions meant next to nothing to her as she stood ahead of the curve, innate miles in-front – cussing their ineptly sought after elementary words

She didn’t ask for any of this, but she took it to the disco and danced like no-one was watching … because, really, they aren’t

Akin to carrying lack of intelligence upon her cracked whip-smart back
… only how on holy earth do you ever tell them that …