One among a many and she sees me, right by the coffee-swilling exterior

Table and chair, sitting settled, prepare to watch them fall at your feet

Chiselled breakneck speed boy soon becomes a man, and seems these anti-peripheral rejects know no real bounds

Bounded outright by her spectacular and outright indescribable beauty

Resolute, and she will have him indeed if he permits her this very unbelievably instanced thing called … unrequited love

Auburn Irish Transatlantic hair and they imagine a time / wherein every last intricately suggestive piece of nakedly awry brilliance is silenced, secretly worshipped together

When these band-member, triangular shoe-wearing inbeciles pleading for that righteous attention turn the other aroused red lipstick kissed cheek

No more and far less from her but an Italian cultured kiss – friendship-zoned prone to losing themselves with each next wonderfully fixated eyesore

Whilst he touches her skin and strolls softly away, never again to be seen

This is him