Are you two together? By that I mean TOGETHER-together… As in… In a relationship?”

“Yes, we are, what of it?”

“Nothing, just… I find it refreshing. You see that couple over there, by the roses… they have had to keep their relationship a secret for many a decade. Obviously they are gay; I mean, they hold each other’s hands all of the time.”

“And your problem with that is?”

“Oh, no, Sir! I have no such problem with it, at all! But, you see, our other clientele – the mainly money-driven ones – they tend to not stay too long a time soon as they see them together.”

“That’s just horrible. Why can’t they just deal with it, embrace it, even!?”

“Because, you see, they weren’t brought up that way. They don’t fancy seeing two grown men pirouetting about their streets dressed to the absolute hilt of their being in denim hot pants and shaking multi-coloured flags portraying their utter need to be loved.”

“But that’s not how we all do it. And even if it was, only because you made us do that, made us have to brandish flags of a multi-coloured persuasion. Can you not see that you are the real problem here, not us?”

“No, are you not listening? I like different. It’s… Refreshing.”

“But nobody’s trying to be different. You make us appear different by your utter indifference. You need to drop that bigotry entirely.”

“Okay, sir, you’re right. Enjoy your meal.”

“Thank you.”

Whispered – “Faggot.”

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