Utterly besieged
She came on in upon a behemoth sandstorm
Riling. Up. Everyone.
Plumes of smoke cascading
Choking the somebody’s – so much as nobody’s – right the whole way out
Delirious Delinda, sent to us via extra-terrestrial imperialism
Oh how she was about to lock us on up
Flick away the key – mind-prison to within
An inch of oxygen and we’d be just fine but no such goddamn luck
Tuck. On. In. You. Signaled. Sinner
Pray for us to be your late-night dinner
For it is high time I starved you of attention
Oh yes, did I mention this room – right where you stand, tentacles in tow – is the very place where you get to meet your final demise
For I – the Wolf Whistler – was in fact sent here to steer you down
On into these fire-filled grounds

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