If they were in fact progressively procrastinating then they were definitely experts at acting the absolute and utter.. maggots about town with their left minded frowns causing the right side of their skeleton heads to MeLt into multifaceted reckoning. Again

We didn’t really wanna walk them down the damn street as nakedly suppressed as the day, AhEm, these zombie-land people weren’t ever even born.

…. … Into a world of earned and churning gurning. And if they REALLY wanna say all that they entail then

They immediately need to crave and create an UNPUTDOWNABLE vision of a mind-prison named:

“Utterly upside-down and outlandishly OVER THE TOP awkward ‘people’ with fullON inverted commas covering their falsified asses.” And with an utter aversion to the whole snide truth ACTUALLY

She shall —- gain the upper, AhEM.. Skeleton-Hand and make

These pedestrianised passersBYE MAYBE… just MAYBE understand, that to liVe Wildly IS

To die: with their open-shut eyes… W!!!!!!DE-CLOSED and (alarmingly) (living) “aL!VVVVVVE(!!)”