A candid curvature of the over-elongated sentence meant to visually, superficially, amount
To delicately, gently, upset each and every next one of these descriptive readers again

And yet, they shall time again tie their reinvested minds right by the whip-smart, deliriously ultimate aside timely realignment of one such story bound by greatness

Spoken with undeniable glory in mind
A kindly kind, indeed
Is this in fact the cradling steal of a lifetime / strife-time, perhaps?

Persnickety at being visually significant
Each on their re-prioritised own, of course – meeting the flagrant writer, this ridiculously imaginative recluse – pigeon-holed to the point of stinging oblivion – right by the whispering, well-wishing, middle

A portal home / never, ever, never forgetting the other person’s screaming and scramming, scamming soul
One reinvigorated person’s heartstrings have been violating
Violin-ing themselves and it is finally beginning to feel vehemently r-e-a-l

All e-v-i-l admittedly welcomed in
While an eye for sullenly suggested detail reels and roars, begging itself to posthumously pour

And she takes that over-enthused pen within her far-reaching, -reacting fingers again
Willing it rather recklessly upon its lonesome way – sing, sing, sing it!! – from these re-accustomed rooftops, please

Even if and when no-one’s been listening

And she has been resting upon her headstrong laurels it seems to be the case in prefabricated point – focused til using her deliriously curbed enthusiasm all along til remaining utterly vivacious and riotously, righteously, misplaced

Eager-faced portrayal of instigated hers
A tired, thinning, little lady’s thinking slur of magnificently momentary worth

This meaningful polka-nosed meandering flurry of play-pretend, prey-pretend words
And she seems to have inevitably, jovially, altogether fair mysteriously yearned for it all within a cumbersome nutshell

The magically estranged sellers’ market
That unthinkable ink-spill fall, y’all …

Earning it when least suspected
Never, ever, never

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