Gomorrah Goliath and Godfrey to be … set in their inter-conceptual way with an amalgamation of asphyxiating word-surge both -splurge.

Guaranteed to graciously circumnavigate around the weight of this awaiting, face-first World: of oft/than/not

These freely, intelligentsia-arisen girls: Chosen to be / Crucified to Delicately die / By the sacrificially succinct sight both mere eager might…

Of a most worshipped tongue.. toast, twist it – – – – – and blister

Til set Sensationally to purchase and sell itself for free and quantifiable in its own argumentatively both affable nature and pressed sweet wistfully againstThe insurgent case of truculent both try-hard, bravado brigadier behaviour again.

Penny stop, to
Some how – WOW!! (What if we told you that’s her words made more sense than a wide/open world?)
Maniacal mouth/meets might of mind – made. to. meaningfully. meander

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