‘Into The Darkness & Out With Raw Blood – When Being Paul Means Everything Special’

A cut above the rest – stress not, for he is free to release your delirium-in-disguise – by the laid-back, decidedly dishevelled walk-on-in

The blueprint is undeniably real, throw those curtains wide-open and begin to build a rocket dear boys

Playing these patriot games of theirs time and time again – perfecting that pedestrian stroll, when a customer’s carefree nature means everything senti-mentally usurped

This Is Paul’s Street
Not just Paul Street – and the meaning has forever been rather impressively replicated

Welcome mysteriously, intriguingly, within the inner-within

Via the sassy undertone – and a ‘win-or-learn’ team of attention-to-detail people who he works with each and every other day from here on in visually personified

Those who shall orchestrate their humourous imaginations til placing you at desirable ease
The puppeteer-ing pursuit for hair-snipping happiness, as though it were purposely set up to be a theatricality show of unmatched sorts

These hopscotching, shadow-boxing hair-splitters of ours
Bringing with them an envious lust for life

One more time please, if you will…
The moment is now
Has to have always been

‘The Bowie of the Undercut World’

Prepare yourselves to rise above – push to standing-man shove and they will continually obsess, graciously re-invest in your upper-trusting nature

Stranger things have failed at actually happening – these peripheral people carry with them sour grapes for deconstructed industry
Standing back at the back of the class and simply one such uncertain professor who failed to profess, never recognised something otherworldly and outright beneficial reoccurring

Time again, awards by the motherf**king truckload, about to visually explode amidst our kaleidoscopic, childlike vision – managing to bridge that transatlantic divide, as well as to grab British reckoning and back across the pond again toward homestead satisfactory

No-man is an island but for one such meticulous man – perched ‘n’ poised til placed out upon his stout-hearted own
To share and to simply scintillate, this awe-inspiring attraction is a blessed step-by-step layering in upstanding interrogative design when immediately prepped against unquestionable creation

Your hair will grow as will his business with each next shred of concentrated intricacy, and all of it simultaneously astute at being friendly, whilst acrimoniously bending an age-old archaic trend

And it will stand on jagged-edged ending, wondering what it is exactly about this particularly peculiar place nestled near the city centre

Sit yourselves on in and conversationally begin…
To Taste. The. Flame. For. Unbridled. Passion.

The window-pane/pained working-man’s permitted existence opens itself on up to a whole wide wondrously substantial world which carries with it awe-aspiring foresight
We really ought to let ourselves be educated again, again, and yet again…

A constant gaining in shout-it-from-the-rooftops reasoning
And the remarkability is second-to none other
So, reckon upon him… And. Let. It. Be. Beyond. Excellent.

Freshly painted walls and here we all are… stealing a piece of everything imperfectly perfect and all of it courtesy of our descriptive eyes which endlessly realign

Mirrors, mirrors upon our contemporary walls to another upside-down portal of decidedly macabre understanding, and carries with it The Pressure Principle
To supernaturally collaborate and, all awhile, they have it in spades

‘Been Given The Hand That Quite Literally Feeds Him’

From West Cork-born Zero to Rebel Red Hero… all in a barbershop instance – they begin to place a million-dozen more magical memories at the basement of your brain turned towards a lust for creatively insane industry

About to be cradled within your creative heart of hearts / holds his heart of cards affably close to his personable chest
The tattoo-emblazoned every-man – one for all and all of them suddenly see something created from substantially nothing

Had to start at starting somewhere ESPECIALLY ACCUSTOMED – went from ill-at-ease and ill-prepared to suddenly so very comfortably constant at being marvellously meticulous

Pardon the withstanding power and plagiarised accuracy turning itself magnificently toward fifty shades of remarkable portrayal

Soon as a comfortable blade comes down right the way roundabout… This. Platform. To. Form. It. All. From…
The undercuts
The handheld hair tattoos
What ever… which ever suits your thirst for entertainment and atmosphere THE MOST

Sit down slowly, begin to tell them all your life story… an act of commonplace allegiance to this throne-in-intriguing-waiting
Soon as yours truly steps on in midst unmatched academy and settles himself down to fantastically adhere

To this hellbent creation… detail, detail, the devil absolutely lies dutifully within the need for artistic behaviour

Misbehaviour even

Not quite a simple scissor-tipped, snail-pace procedure anymore
Just goddamn breakneck-speed pace at being decidedly glorious
Will Go On…

A snap at the bridge of the ridge and one juvenile individual who gets to finally feel real again
Inner city whispered promises of high-street promiscuity
Light and nimble, treat ’em keen, keep ’em mean – this is the back-to-front bombastic re-embellishment of a lifetime

A sizeable sting in the tale of one such unconventional genius with swish-swish blades for dancing fingers
And the collaboration process is the miraculous medium wherein a team of proven professionals will forever challenge themselves to meet you at the improbable middle

If Jamesons did haircuts they’d be stacked at the back awaiting a sip, sip, sip of settled sedation midst fashion-forward brilliance

A customers discovers both of their back-stories right from the seed of the grain to the sumptuously tilted glass-piece
This unjustifiable, bare-knuckled resilience of ‘frankly nuts’ theirs …
And someone symmetric need never apply anymore … stand forth the exclusively chosen ones

Recline, unwind and please… let it be Ahiohill kinds of serendipitously special

Inspiration gathered from absolutely anywhere
And absolutely any which way pressed forth-forward prioritised

‘Hair’ we go again – magically implemented, this heaven-sent, preciously parcel-wrapped thing of unconventional bliss

They are hair-brained for one sole reason… to sooth your soul and to cause your hell-raising brain to roar all over again

The road less travelled, the flickering diamond-in-the-rough, the black sheep of the rural family, inevitably set to habituate a brand new creed of habit and brand new whip-smart awareness

And remember it well, he prefers to play it sweet, sufficient and in chosen accordance with
His favourite people.