Under the tongue as supposed to thumb – left hand thumb too, rather
Hell-sent and bent upon utter reconstruction, if he will let it soak itself UP.
Neanderthal to impenetrable force all in this momentarily magnificent, insistently prearranged instance – early morning written bliss within these tapes-tried ‘n’ tested, twisted syllables
Of his. A billion years in sedation, accomplishment in-waiting and this will be the nocturnal zone right here, right about now. How’s about a Cigarette Smoke to choke it all UP.
Whilst keeping her vivacious words in-love with these… nakedly abrupt and always
His. This is undeniably the Happy Hand placed at desirable risk again… sophomore pen at the reckless and ready, please
Play pretend
Ten thousand working words that were never enough anymore.
Has he really touched his last *apostrophe and taken over final possession?!
a punctuation mark (‘) used to indicate either possession (e.g. Harry ‘ s book ; boys ‘ coats ) or the omission of letters or numbers (e.g. can ‘ t ; he ‘ s ; 1 Jan. ‘ 99 ).

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