Parasitic, paralytic and punch/drunk paralysed to posthumously paraphrase and process and proceed – these matter-of-fact reaction-led words of wickedly (IN)expressive wonder.. Where their reading spectacles went!? This time, that time.. been vacantly trying to cry sweet insistent rivers of far/reaching both fascinating hope, boats filled with bleaching tears : so abnormally near to the tethering edges of weird, weird and wickedly ineptitude reasoning

When miraculously met – again, with these immaculate instances filled to the bolstering brim of their being and begging, begging.. BEGGING!! to be humanistically thrilled —/ in plain/sight

And about to be beautifully ventriloquised till we ceaselessly

Our bleeding, blood-arisen, gut-gilded hearts a-midst : this sweetly derelict detection placed aside catastrophically aware encasements of cutthroat precision .

Yes, for free, she paints this wound up world with her weightlessness and wonders why… Oh, my?

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