They talk and walk like real people should do
Been thrilling the localised life via their hearty selves indeed
One breathes,
then they all follow the very same oh so accordingly replicated procedure
to soliloquy which way is just Up!?
These speeding cars of ours are far, far away…
Nothing but imagination’s monstrous fear swarmed to seismically, fair detrimentally warm these lazy cockles
set to crumble at the mere sight of wasteful upheaval
Everything means beneficial everything –
pumped to learnedly pour all too sizeable within
This thing called Life – knife-edge but a sacrilegious over-, under-, fukwit sought after maniacal thought
which will need to be ferociously burned right by the earned stake//altogether normal aside outlandishly contrary from here on in
Shake it to the core juxtasupposed, my teeteringly dependent friend
The Dangerously Mundane Trendsetter forever fretter
Your socially acceptable underbelly needs to die outright by the end
We Begin To Breathe upright and invaluably proper again
This pen cannot, shall not, daren’t lie either way
Pay it forward
make it only ever primal fear from here on in, please?
We’ve been thinking… but none too much either
One slip-slides, whilst another hides the pain, yet we just have to ask, where ever is the dreamed for in-between