Tense as hell – prison-sentence shoulders
The kind which never, ever go unnoticed
‘Specially by a cop right out of reprimand hell
Eager to lock ’em all down again… and again!
His eyes roam this room, the former, never the latter, focusing upon everything and absolutely nothing
Next he asks for a smoke – settles on Marlboro Red
A light and a hard puff before tightening his weary eyes
Soothing his soul if but awhile
Then a smile, right out of left-field, eager as ever to appear perfectly innocent
Because, really, he was
But that no longer mattered so much
Everyone wants some kind of payback
See, this victim comes with a ferociously silenced story on both his and the cop’s part
That he molested the latter’s younger brother Jack once upon a time
Way back when
Then came the handcuffs

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