They were needling themselves in the nocturnal nighttime and asking a few SO many(!!!) questions. “Who did they ever even think they were fooling into believing – open eyes n all –

It’s all been.. Tailored to behave with its own state of intensity.” It’s probably a pace filled enthusiasm that they tended to follow.

When the words were making us all wildly wonder / “what might actually have been happening inside their aDdLeD minds(?!)”

– and this is the clear as CrYstaL thing about it all — “they were attempting toApply Themselves to

Distract them from being utterly distracted by such a thing as bOggLinG oCd.” When the tumult will cause its own THOUGHT-filled+thinking

They were so very interested in sitting with a thousand automatic thoughts of happiness actually, and that’s just the beginning of it all; imagine, “Maybe, a river of riotous and MeanDerIng wOrds talking in their vErY own TerMs of conditioning(.) and ASKING to take

~~~Mind soothing ShaPe. for him and no one Else