Something happening alright
Something inside of me
A feeling not so bad
& all I’ve to do when it comes looking for me
Is stop & remember just how awful it can be
An unruly bitch
But I’m fighting like never before
Fighting the good fight
& all of this just to be normal
Then I can stretch things – my creative streak some more
Know I shouldn’t rhyme when a poem is serious
Something the lady at the book shop on the corner told me
But I don’t care
Because this poem needs to get done
Don’t care if it goes about helping someone else
Because this time I need to look after myself
I wake up and I feel the pinch
That voice (something like a voice) inside my head
Trying to take me down, trying to rush my thoughts
Bring them back to doing ninety
‘Til I’m caught in a vicious anxiety-ridden circle once more
It’s like we’re playing a game, the two of us
It wants to worry about each & everything
Whereas all I want to do is get out of bed, leap feet-first into my day
I don’t quite know how to title this
Because the title’s important in getting your less-enthused reader to observe
Maybe I go outside, smoke a cigarette
Let the rain-drenched afternoon & its overflowing drains inspire me
Not usually one of those… wishy-washy, you-need-to-research-your-subject poets
But when I am starting to see the wood for the trees
I have to admit, it does seem to take over somewhat
A title, a poem
A healthy head
Not a bad way to keep the big bad wolf from the door