There they were, three ghastly pictures beneath a pillow to show the whole wide world just what he had in fact done
No such chance of thawing these particular sands of time
Old and worn pictures with so many scriptures all of their own rather deceitful accord
One of a best-friend’s daughter who had been utterly sedated before being forced to meet her untimely sexual demise
All at the hands of a miserable man who did no such thing from the very beginning to stifle her every word
Ten years later ’till the guards finally caught wind, she manhandling herself right on into that police station
Mesmerising bouts of frustration plied angrily aside a life so very far from ordinary
Another of a mother – young and innocent -dealt entirely the wrong hand on coming to this particular man for any kind of attention
Wayward affection
He may well have fondled her but she is yet to mention a solemn thing
Sworn to absolute secrecy
A forefinger placed over the cherub mouth certainly sounding that one out
A prisoner inside of her own truly unruly, unkempt mind
Please, try to be that little girl all over again and find the time
Then, the one that really sets the scene
Of his very own daughter, Christine, who had been torn atrociously asunder
Ripped all too cautiously yet none too delicately to pieces one adolescent garment after another
This particular dust-ridden picture coloured ten times over by stolen underwear which now lies haphazardly upon his bedroom floor
He still says that he very much adores her but, really, this pedophile thief needs to go down for the life sentence
No longer any room whatsoever for any kind of repent
We were sent here to find him out all over

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