So soft and subtle at first, before this vigorous vain-glory showpiece takes gentle precedence both surreptitious centre-stage

And an accordionated piano-player shall vehemently become undeniably both undilutable whilst these serenely impeding fingernails trail. .. … …. the meandering surface of

His favourite=best universe

Namely, a grand disarmament piano = keys, please/ play it as though the most handsome thug on earth were dressed in constructive derision. .. … maybe perhaps perchance at a glad-ragged glance?

Coattails, collar — sophomore shirt. The bones of his artistic being been meaning to matter momentarily both magnificently well
This blameless, penguin-faced, far-reaching, -reacting wanderlust anomaly that he insistently is… set at endless precision

And then
When the black-n-white afterthought that thought too far ahead of itself to ever…

Make mediocre sense again. Enters centre-stage, about to wage a way!! Wherein these modern-day miracles really ought to make more than less sense… of themselves
These shy, shy peripheral people with eyeballs for speakers

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