I never perfected what I needed to do
The cancer, it clawed at me… Drew. Me. In
Offering no such hope, a perennial performer heightened then saddened
Hooked up to an entirely different kind of dope
Floundering, painstakingly sounded out
The Gods – they do shout, they do bellow
Awaiting with intense permanence the untimely arrival of this unlucky fellow
Of course there are others with the same affliction and far more
But I just can’t deal with having to crawl upon this quaking floor
Why, oh why did I have to smoke
Choked myself out, too late altogether by the time the doubt settled in
People, they will still get to enjoy something of a win-win, whilst my very own light begins to fade
Starting to dim now, shrouded amidst a young life disgustingly clouded