You talked whilst somehow managing to chalk every piece of me on up altogether
I getting to be the whole story, you my all too customary blackboard supreme
Whenever we fall it starts to make all kinds of sense
You go right ahead and drench me to the pit of my agonisingly intrepid being
That will never, ever stop but, so you know, you started absolutely everything
All of these things we dreamed of doing – you just seem to bring it on into me
Forever and a hand-clasped day
Manicured hands oh so pristine every single time
These things I prayed for suddenly getting to pour on out of you at trail-blazing pace
I – the downtrodden Converse shoes, you all too prepared to tie these worryingly un-ribboned laces
A face no-one can ever get tired of – so very alarmingly pretty both inside and out
Coated fair perfectly
So you know, I will etch your hallowed and mesmerising name upon my grave
Be oh so brave and please, just try and remember me

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