There’s been the measuring-in-mind of yet another angle of tantamount and surplus-to-required-requirement theory, indeed; these were the days of Daily Doses of derogatory emotions actually – “and we canNOT say ((far)) fairer than THAT, that…

We were n-o-t(!!) doing this memory+filled thing for another reason except for being” utterly aware

UTTERLY, u-t-t-e-r-l-y, plEASE: in(SIDE OF) their triggerHAPPY brains. “What will happen next is this(..) they will”—

Act relatively eAgEr and certainly above-the-beyond-of-being — these.. ahem, “mildly mile-a-minute people and persons of SelfExploratory reasonings and highflying mannerisms, Perhaps.”
The art part wasn’t all it’s CRACkEdUP to have been..

Enthusiastically speaking, they were.. over+embellishing themselves and for the ****sake point of becoming

Realistically at1 with their very own state of waxing-lyrical bRaIn. Yes, it IS hard and “YES(!)” it is decorated in a most beautifully upside-down MeS$ oF Maniacal Equilibrium. But d——RAG(… …) themselves endlessly thruOUT it all, they did..

“And with our “amazing” minds set against the famed(((28-YEAR)))flame— of this, that, and e-v-e-r-y other ScatterCRASHINGimaginable. Welcome to the FOG, “Dear People,” and please… “****off (for now) because, we have WAY+TOO+MUCH+MORE+TO+DO.. Than EVER-before.”

and, perhaps.. in a manner that NOTmanyCanEverManageAt hAnDlInG. ‘Cept, of course, for the few:: “WHO ((((always!!!)))) KNEW.”

that to side with us WAS to ride with us . Til it all made livid sense again