At the best of times my mind is but a futile individual indeed, longing to breathe all of its own – disown what’s utterly unnecessary, although more oft than not watch itself fall oh so softly by the rather enticing wayside
An equally fastidious need to parade its intricate wit, emblazoned nature upon all ‘n’ sundry to see
When a thousand such problematic situations whizzing fair dangerously about on up inside manage to catch the full moon, harness this seemingly untrappable thing – delicately besieged
Marry the night together one creative thought process at a crazily juiced time
Weather your every crazy cognitive storm in all of a heady instance
Stand strong and deliver – precision
Warm a million-and-one shamefully harassed cockles of a bed-head kind
A momentarily-by-ten shock to an avidly, intrepidly, thirsty system longing to be captured in full flight
The fight is all important, yet the aforementioned flight will always need to be fair industrious too

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