All of these ambivalent colours amounting to extra-ordinary

A far-reaching brush-stricken identity knows no truer bounds than to drop its vernacular and to speak in luminous tongues

Passion bounded and compounded by a guided lifelong summary of all of these imaginative things – foresight matched by angular necessity and he breathes dull and dour

One such settled artist’s way above all else – needy and nocturnal noise knows no true reason other than to simply breathe a strangled breath of stressed and threatening air

Saturated in kindly time, one hovering thumb and nimble forefinger gets to getting extracurricular – the war with invisible, invincible words and a whole world so suddenly feels it

When you know, you know
And when you don’t … you still go no less intensified by all kinds of unsightly

One flew over the cuckoo’s nest, and he drew his next obligatory breath – upset and utterly outright ostracised by these never-say-die eyes

Of his, of ours … of everyone’s
Soon as a picture tends to stand and stretch and feeds to fend for itself – the shy kid in the schoolyard finally come out to play

He felt the earth turn on its axis when there was nothing but tumbleweed and lacklustre misgivings – magic from tragic and all of it during ‘The Blue Period’ of a friend’s suicidal dreams