These pop-up art houses are maligned by controversy, every which way the fickle eye does tend to turn
A fleck begging not to be reminded all over again
Blank canvas walls in the very first instance masterfully, albeit far too suddenly, shockingly even, plied all too willingly by rather shameless animosity
A trick of the trait, perhaps?
A pretty picture of a sibling of sorts breathing their very last breathe; an elderly man hooked on up to a hospital drip – all too aware as to this – his fleetingly last memory being caught in time
This adamantly refreshing photographer seems to know only so much – the agonising crunch of the freeze-frame window on their forever equipment taking with it their oh so shuddering heart
Incredibly corrosive yet we just do seem to need to know
An ardent curator hellbent upon getting the correct message across to all and sundry
Be it lavished in black and white, or no more, no less than coloured magnificent
Seems this excruciating pain will always get to take us back one way or another
Rain down upon us all oh so honest and strong
Only if we do let it, however

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