Settled to soar, this manic individual abhors
The plain mundane, under-enthused working day

And he shall relinquish all of them there dreaded demons swarmed to warm rather deceptively within

Till away on a most high ‘n’ mighty whim
Fighting flamed Fire with fecksome Fire – this petrifying under-estimation shall turn out to be

The greatest living, breathing, seething thing




The unmatched making of him, indeed

Soon as he sees something from barely-there-nothing and brings his cards upon a lucrative par
To the table of dastard-handed choice – ready to rock with his insurmountable stock out

Undeniably shocking to witness and see
Anointed by all ‘n’ sundry, to simply, fair unequivocally be…

This battle-axe, bounce-about Beast
The go-getter, jet-setter… problematically persuasive legendaire-extraordinaire

He feasts readily right by your secretive demise – Soon as your kaleidoscopic eyes become unforgettably paralysed

The Pariah, whose words shall forever cease

To crucify and snide-eyed divide

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