With a phone in one hand, whilst getting to caress a most beautiful girl inside of the other
Sumptuous kisses aside having to reassure a beloved mother time again
The so-called ‘yo-yo son’
Sure why the heck not put both of your hands together… when two most certainly becomes one
So, so far away, yet oh so near at the very same time
Why the hell not do it… why not smother two glorious birds with one such stone
A little or a lot left of centre, perhaps, but we’ve a serious feeling that he really wouldn’t have it any other way
Don’t you dare try and read me wrong either… these two separate stories with ENTIRELY different kinds of seduction at play
And you can indeed be rest-assured of the fact that both his ladies-in-waiting will forever get to have their say
Equal and oh so natural
We may well imagine one to grasp a spatula, whilst the other opts upon putting her famed international charm to particularly good use in working absolute wonders
Inviting one mother’s son unspeakably asunder
Think we may just be better off if we leave it right there
This one such jumbled up story whispered to me mid-beer all courtesy of a rather eccentric Clonmacnoise mother
This unquestionably where the real stories get told, unfold themselves rignt in front of me like never before
Never again, perhaps
Daft? Absolutely!!