Eyes roaming smoke-filled rooms, every which way, women on tenterhooks, the man of the moment on colourful display, ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ had just hit theatres all over, was having it’s brilliant say
Then there was me, a thief in the night, stealing away America’s most handsome and sprightly star for all of an instance, can recall the exact time, place and date when I came upon Paul Newman on the complete off chance
It started with a pint, to soften our palettes, settle our week-long wits about us somewhat, Hollywood’s latest hero, up there on a par with more modern day miracles, the likes of Pacino and De Niro, only with acres more gusto
Paul retraced his steps from the very beginning, tales of a fallen marriage even before getting to dip a toe inside the business of winning, with a face like that you can’t blame Hollywood producers one bit for feeling the need to introduce him to all and sundry courtesy of the widescreen
All about those looks but not at all about those looks either, his a rather cautious admittance to fears of being stereotyped, wiped off the face of the planet, so to speak, meek really, always being described, unveiled for your prize features, this fine actor knew that to truly stand the test of time it would take a whole lot more, to create the right kind of industrious wave, reach a far greater audience, blow open this industry of hard knocks particular doors
Surprisingly so, we were on the floor as soon as we got to knocking back a few more, the women in us, perhaps, our personalities modestly acting as crutches to soften the blow of such an outrageous ruckus all round
The drugs never took hold, thank the Lord, just not his thing, racing car addiction what did the trick in later years, literally steered him clear of all of the aforementioned
Heaven-sent, no two ways, not a good thing but it really started to go his way as soon as James Dean was ferociously wiped clean – an unthankable car smash that had a silver-lining, it meaning that their careers never had to clash again
The film Harper grounded him, a cool CIA agent with a penchant for making the right kind of a mark, catching the baddies while just about making his L.A. rent, he said that everything meant a little something, but as soon as he met Joanne that was when this dashing star of his just ran, the man out of Shaker Heights was on a level like no other
Sprawled across from me, painstakingly drunk, he had to wonder just one thing, what would his mother say?