They lost it all on higher than that enigmatic, last breath intelligence. They were really winded up and trying at defining the Maturity of a PunchPUNKED OUT masterCRAFTER, and HER

Inept actually Way Of Distracting the utterly NONdistractABLE people. She’s a strangely enigmatic artist with a seriously lopsided sense of

Intricacy happening for her, not of her, maladjusted mind. And yet she didn’t choose to bruise her abused ego so very much anymore. They often like

To throw all of their backstabbing thoughts way up there and sit back to watch = the high pitched scramming of eager linguistic screams take itself …

To another realm of ++ “courteous playfulness.” And if they really were to sit silently and for all of ten exacting hOURS it might still end up at the same end of maladjusted… inside of our OcDiSoRdErEd minds

Just that: “we do it anyway.” We puppeteer and steer… mesmerised AND clear