Thistle-torn cigarettes, appear to be
The all-or-nothing threat

Her vision is simply impeccable,
Gathered swarm-warmth amidst, this

Sizeably sensual thing, and we sing when we fail to remind ourselves of just one simply unforgettable thing,
When we will be winning again … thrill ourselves outlandishly silly

Drop these scatter-dashed pills,
Til beautiful brains bleed and treacle tastefully insane

Feels like we’re on top again,
And I gotta brand new groove we were never told to lose

Say suddenly when,
Please, oh smoke-digested forefingers of only ever cutthroat ours

This shall be, plain mundane otherworldly,
Soon as we cease to evaporate and shrink within our violet-ridden selves

And so suddenly let it be

Unspeakable supremacy

The all-or-nothing steal – she has the strangest feeling,
This world’s not as it seems

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