I’d never really seen it before, truth be told she went absolute toe-to-toe
A different kind of breed entirely
Fire in the belly..,
Then there is this!
A girl with a relative hard-on for many a thing mesmerising, needing to be the absolute centre of everyone’s attention
Don’t dare mention her boyfriend, just that some stuff will seemingly send her painfully wild
To an unmatched degree; you see, she fled the nest right from the beginning
Relationship thinning even before it ever stood a chance
They danced but, rest-assured, they never, ever got around to smiling
Way he says it, his mammoth fist ‘fell’ so far as her face – downright disgrace
No real excuses though, as it stands seems it will forever remain me who is left to pick up all of these goddamn pieces
Shards of one such Monaco girl’s broken dream
Then there is this!!

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